Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.

A biomedical research facility in Barcelona

Barcelona Spain

Road leading to Mt Cook

Mt Cook New Zealand

Sunset on Whitehaven Beach

Whitsunday Island Australia

Sunset at Thy National Park

Thy Denmark

Shipyard in Lofoten

Lofoten Norway

worn gas station

Aarhus Denmark

Dirty factory doors

Aarhus Denmark

Walkway on the castle in Girona

Girona Spain

The sun setting over Aarhus

Aarhus Denmark

Risskov forest

Aarhus Denmark

A 1992 Footwork Arrows Mugen Honda FA13 F1

Aarhus Denmark

A single fishingboat just outside one of Greenland's small villages

Nuuk Greenland

Cow prancing

Buskhede Denmark

A bell tower situated in one of Greenland's small villages

Nuuk Greenland

Mountains in the distance near Girona

Girona Spain